I'm Into Drummers.

heeey. i'm Lauryn. i'm 20?! just a teenage girl trying to find her place in this world. oh and i like hockey and baseball. Proud: Astronaunt, Directioner, Galaxy Defender, Brat, and Lochtenator.Leukemia Suporter .Ashton Irwin is my spirit animal. Cheesy Hooker(s)

you know i’ve been holding this in for a while, but i can’t stand when people say they’re not going to support a former player on the team roster. especially if they’ve been on a while for at least 3 years or more. i’ve gotten so much shit lately for saying i’m still a supporter of Mike Richards & Jeff Carter. just because they got traded doesn’t mean i’ve to stop supporting them. i’m always going to do it and nothing will ever change. if you don’t like it, well then deal with it. i’m still a flyers fan who is going to support the new guys on the roster, but i’m still going to support the former guys on the team that helped this organization so much.

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